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I believe each website should be a unique creation. Whether you need an eCommerce site (online store), membership site, a gallery site, or just a simple "About Us" site to draw customers to your brick & mortar store, I would be honored to speak with you about your needs. I will hand-craft your site to your exact needs and specifications, until you are completely satisified. Guaranteed!

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Creative Web Design

Spiderweb, perfect mix of design and functionThe image at the left is web design. It has structure and purpose. Website design is not much different. However, it is more than just having a killer-looking site. It must have purpose. What is the purpose of a website? Is it not to engage and inform. It's ultimate objective is not to sit there looking pretty or fancy, showing off its "bells & whistles". It is to encourage action.

If you already have a website, does it engage your visitors and encourage them to action? If you are a small business without a site, then you have immense room for growth. Contact Mr. Head Web Design today and let us create a site that will enlarge your client base.


Mobile Responsive

More people shop on mobile phones than desktopsMobile usage is not going away. It will only increase in the coming days. Businesses or organizations that do not adapt to this trend will be left behind. They will eventually die.

Mobile searches for local products and services have outnumbered desktop searches since mid-2014. However, only 38% of businesses have websites that are mobile friendly. If your site is not catering to the mobile crowd, you're leaving money on the table that your competitors will surley make a grab for.

Use our Free Mobile Analyzer to see how mobile friendly your website is.


Website Analysis

Website analysis for small businessesWe go to the doctor for an annual checkup. We take our cars into a mechanic for routine maintenance. Websites need checkup and maintenance also. What worked a few years ago doesn't necessarily work for us today.

The web is always changing, so our sites must change also. Web standards are constantly being updated. A website built any time in the 2000's will be horribly archaic by today's standards, unless it has been maintained and updated.

Mr. Head can perform an analysis on your site, and make recommendations on how to improve it in several different crucial areas.



SEO makes or breaks a websitePart of the health of a website that we spoke of in the Website Analysis section, is Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. This is a term used to describe the process of making a site, as search engine friendly as possible.

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, have certain criteria they use to rank websites. SEO is simply the process to make sure that a site is compliant with these criteria. If your site isn't compliant, then it will suffer in the rankings, which will cause a loss of visitors. A loss of visitors ultimately means a loss of revenue.

As part of Mr. Head's site checkup, we look at the SEO factors which might be hindering your site in the rankings.



eCommerce will only increase in the futureSimply put, an eCommerce site (aka, shopping cart site) is one that sells a product or service directly from the website. A site may have information about products or services, but if a visitor cannot buy directly from the site, then it is technically not an eCommerce site.

This type of site comes with its own peculiar challenges. It is extremely involved with lots of moving parts. At any point in these moving parts, things can break down. At the point of break down, you can easily lose customers. The shopping cart site should offer the consumer a seamless experience from clicking the 'Buy Now' button to the item's delivery.

If your site needs an ecommerce build, Mr. Head can make it as seamless as possible, keeping your buyers coming back again and again.


Online Marketing

Small businesses must have a modern marketing planThis is that thing you do to get visitors to the point of using your shopping cart site. You can have the best thing since sliced bread, but if nobody knows about it, it remains a well kept secret. How do you bring visitors to your site, and turn them into customers?

Your online marketing efforts can take the form of several different avenues. The most popular avenues are social media, PPC/PPL, and the much sought after Organic search engine results.

We would love to talk with you about your online marketing goals and needs. We will listen to you and work with you to create the most productive online marketing plan possible.

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Originally from Oklahoma, Larry has been living and working in Northwest Arkansas since 2002. He is a totally self-taught web developer, working to bring great service and web design to those who are looking to work with someone who cares about their web presence.

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